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Effortless Lesson Planning

With our innovative integration of generative AI, lesson planning becomes a breeze. Define your requirements, click generate, and watch as we create the perfect resource for you in mere seconds.

Our AI is meticulously trained on thousands of high-quality resources, ensuring the materials we generate meet the highest educational standards.

Discover and Create Exceptional Resources

Our AI-powered search engine swiftly locates the resources you need. Enter your search query, and we'll present you with the most suitable resources in no time.

If you have specific needs, our AI can generate custom resources tailored to your lesson plan with just a single click.

Collaborate and Thrive

We understand the power of teamwork in education. That's why we've made it effortless to share your resources with your colleagues. Click the share button on any resource, and we'll deliver it to your team.

For more collaborative flexibility, create a group and invite your colleagues. Share resources with the group, and all members will have instant access.